In Concert With Dion

King & Cousin Louie & Dion

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King and Josh "The Pitbull Of Blues" Rowland

King with Johnny Winter

King and JPSoars

With Bluesmen Albert Castiglia and Joey Gilmore

(Molly Hatchett)              (Greg Allman Band)


King and Chris O'Leary

King and Gino Vannelli

King and Blues Giant Michael Burks

King and Bluesman Joey Gilmore

Jonathan Joseph(Jeff Beck Drummer) & King

King & Clarence Clemmons Two Tenors

King with Carmine Appice

With Blues Brother Dave Shelly

Lee Tiger                                   King 

King and The Righteous Brothers

King and Peter Wolf of J Geils

King & Herb Reed of The Platters

King andRobert Randolph @Hard Rock Live

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King and Howie of Wrectifier

Movie with Johnny Depp

Pat Travers    King Colton    Stett Blancett         Dave Hlubeck                        Dan Toler

King-Doug Lubuhn(Doors,Dreams) Fred Weinberg(producer)

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King & Bluesman Anthony Gomes here.